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Do you have a website that has been hacked?

Website HackingHow about a notice from your hosting company of having malware on your site? Google blocks between 20,000 and 30,000 website a week due to security concerns of malware, and over 50,000 a week due to phishing attempts. And these are just from sites the pose an immediate danger to users. Many more websites are attacked with spam generating code and other low risk attacks.

Keeping your website secure is extremely important. Google and other major search engines filter website from results that are known to have malware on them, and with no search results your site won’t get traffic. Once blocked it can be a long hard road to get your site back in the good graces of the big engines.

Over 50% of all hacked websites are vulnerable because of out of date code, plugins, and servers. It is critical that sites are kept up to date and servers patched against the latest threats. Proper website security also involves having strong and secure passwords and access user names. A password comprised of the 4 major types of characters (Upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols), mixed, and at least 10 characters long can protect your website and make it less desirable to hackers. Remember that a hacker cannot see your password and therefore must use guesses to pick it out.

We have the right tools to fix your site

Site Repair ToolsThe tools in our arsenal allow us to get your website clean, and help it to stay that way. Pacific Northwest Web Works can even help you to maintain your site updates and keep a good eye on security. There are many different types of sites and engines out there. Because of this we have chosen to focus on WordPress based sites and sites that are comprised of flat HTML/PHP. With a narrow focus we are better able to ensure the sites come out secure and ready to defend themselves.

We also prefer to ensure that the sites we clean have good sound backups, either through their host (we offer backups for free on all our hosting plans) or some other setup devised specifically for their website. A good backup can help you to recover from not only hacked sites, but server failures and other unforeseen problems. Can anyone say ‘Opps I did not mean to delete that…’?

The bad guys will always be out there. The question is are you ready?

Pacific Northwest Web Works can always preform site checkups and test the security of your site. From intrusion protection to testing your backups, we can help ensure your are always ready for the unknown. As part of our regular maintenance plans or on a one time basis we can preform a site security checkup for you. Alex & Ashley are always happy to guide you with your concerns to security, and what you need to do to protect yourself and your site.

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