Website Maintenance

Do you make regular changes to your site?

Under MaintenancePerhaps you post a new blog entry monthly, or need to update stock quantity. We handle all changes to your site, freeing up your time for the more important things like running your business. A quick email with the changes is all that is needed from you. Changes can be made off hours to ensure your site is up and running when you and your customers need it the most.

Wrote a newsletter or want blog entry?

We can take your newsletter or word document and get it posted online complete with either pictures you provide or stock photos*. You can then send a link to all your customers with your new post. Need to update your home page for the next season? We can handle that as well including slider photos.

* Stock photos are an extra charge per photo unless included in your contract.

How much does this really cost?

We tailor our services to each clients needs. If you have a bunch of changes on a regular basis, we offer plans that give you a time discount based on the terms of a contract. If not a lot of changes are needed, then we can do billing on a invoice based purely on used time, in 15 minute increments. No matter what your needs we have an affordable solution for your business. Some of our hosting plans even come with some maintenance time built in.

As part of our maintenance we also will do a complete site checkup, and if you are in contract, we will include site monitoring against malware and other harmful problems as well as regular backups. We also will ensure all plugins, themes, etc are fully up to date.

It’s time to make your website maintenance easier!

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