Take your website to the next level

Our unlimited package is the perfect choice when you want to take your site and business to the next level. This package does not come with monthly payments. Starting at $2400, we tailor the price to your exact business & site needs. This page will give you a brief intro to working with us and let you schedule a call with us. Let’s get started.

What’s included in each project

At the end of this project, you will have a functional website. It will include a homepage and as many other pages as needed. If you need to sell online, or have a members only section, this package can include those features. We will build your new site using the latest WordPress version. Also included is a theme adjusted to your brand and style, and Elementor for easy changes. The site comes with 3 months of our care plan at no cost. Web hosting with the care plan is optional, leaving you with a choice of hosting your site anywhere you like. We plan the site around your business goals, making it a working member of your business.

What we will need from you

It is important to remember that while you want us to build your site, you are still very much a part of the process. To that end, please be aware of the following tasks you will need to do:

Answer some questions

We will send you a questionnaire to help narrow down any other details and prepare for the call(s) & build. These questions will allow us to match the site to your style and aesthetics. They also help us identify your clients and learn about your business. This is critical to a functional website that works towards your goals.

Supply Content

The content for the site is your responsibility. You will need to gather and provide us with the needed content, including all text and photos. It is generally good to start collecting content asap to avoid a delay in the start of your project. We need most of the content before we can start.

Give Feedback

From time to time the project will need your feedback. This feedback will need to be timely and detailed to help ensure a great outcome to your project. Certain steps must have feedback and may delay your project if you are not timely in your responses.

Pay On-time

Prompt payment is important to continue a working relationship. This will ensure we can keep your project moving forward. The agreement we send you will list the individual payment milestones.

How soon can you get started?

The start date of a project depends on a few different things. First is how soon you are ready for the deposit payment and content. Since these are due before we begin, the faster you are ready means the faster we can begin. We also only take on a few clients each month so we can give each project our undivided attention. Your project will get added to our schedule as soon as you sign the agreement. Content will need to be ready to go before you build date.

Wrap Up

Thanks for taking the time to read through this page. If everything looks good to you, fill out the project inquiry form below. We will get back to you within the next business day through phone or email.

Tell us how important each of these items are to the success of your website: