Web Design

Responsive Web DesignPacific Northwest Web Works offers complete website design from the ground up. Even if you already have a site and want to get that site updated to a new look, we can handle any web design needs. A new website or design update can give your business a completely new image and help achieve your goals.

Alex & Ashley can build you any kind of site, from a simple blog to full-fledged site with a shopping cart. Using WordPress and PHP/HTML we can develop or add any feature you may need. Functionality such as booking systems or shopping carts can expand your online presence. Responsive design is the basis of any website we build, making it mobile ready.

If you’re not sure exactly what you need, let’s sit down together and discuss your goals. We will guide you through the multitude of technologies out there to that goal. Our focus is on helping small & micro businesses grow through the web. It is important to have your site match the target client and niche for your business. Living in the pacific northwest for our entire lives, we understand the culture. Understanding and connecting with the community is important to any design. We service clients in both Oregon and Washington.

Generating Content

If you need content created, we can work with you on developing content. We recommend that you create any detailed content specific to your business. Who else would know your business or desires better? We can take any document you send us and add it to the website. Please keep in mind copyrights when you write content. You can protect your website by citing the original author. Alex or Ashley can also work with you on any graphic design or photography needs you may have. We know content generation is sometimes hard and are here for you.

Your new site is ready. Now what?

We don’t only build websites, we build a complete online presence for your business. Many of our clients have us set up directory listings and social media profiles. Your target market will drive the entire site design and optimization.

As part of our package options, we can continue to update and maintain your website. With our optional maintenance plan, regular updates and blog posts get taken care of for you. All you do is supply us the basic content. We will assemble the posts and then broadcast them to your target market. Through social media & newsletters we can ensure your customers are up to date.

How much will it cost me?

Pricing can be quite different from site to site. But we have put together an average price range as seen in the table below. We based this on the sites we tend to design and the time it takes to build each site. Also, how much customization the individual client requests. This pricing only reflects web design and not any marketing packages that are normally combined with a web design job.

Basic Site
$600 +
1-3 Pages
Supplied Content
Customized Stock Theme
Site Optimization
Plus Site
$1200 +
3-10 Pages
Content & Photo Editing
Custom or Purchased Theme
Site Optimization
Premium Site
$1800 +
11+ Pages/Products
Content & Photo Editing
Custom or Purchased Theme
Site Optimization
E-Commerce Support
Design Only
$100 / hour
Design Work
Custom Coding
Site Updates
Special Requests