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Grow your small business despite the ups and downs of the tourist season

When your business exists in a tourist destination, the highs and lows can be extreme. In the off-season, it feels like there is no point in having your doors open, yet during the busy season, you can’t hire enough employees fast enough.

Even if your business is not focused on serving the tourist industry, you still feel those highs and lows. You rely on the locals to keep your business afloat, and if they rely on that tourist traffic, you are in the same boat.

Oregon & Washington Coast
Life on the beautiful coast has ups and downs just like the ocean.

You still need to be online

A common misconception is that you don’t need to be online. The tourists will just see your business. Or the locals know you are here. But the reality is quite different.

People start the planning process for their vacations long before they arrive at the beach. If your business has a strong online presence and an inviting website showcasing your offer, you can capture more business.

And if your business requires any kind of schedule, allowing that to happen online can create a more reliable stream of income. Since most people schedule their vacation, you can count on a more consistent income and know how many employees you need before the high season even hits.

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But I don't serve tourists...

Unless you are on the main road and everyone drives past you every single day, your business will be forgotten. It’s not your fault. We just don’t remember what is not top of mind for long.

By creating a strong online presence, you can help capture the search intent. You never know when someone will look for your offering. Can you afford to hope they will remember you, or would you rather be there when they go looking?

Showing up online is even more important when you serve more than one area. Be it retail or service. You need to reach out and catch them. Not just on social media that changes on a whim. You need to own your success.

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Focus on what matters most

No large up-front costs

Budget-friendly payment options help you get the website you need without saving.

Avoid website stress

Worry less about your website and more about growing your business.

Stand out from others

Avoid pre-made templates and be memorable to those who visit your website.

See your results

Know who is visiting and what matters most to those visitors.

Mobile friendly site

More people use a phone while on vacation than anything else.

Small is our specialty

We understand how life at the coast works and are ready to help your small business.

We have been serving communities in the Pacific Northwest since 2009. For more than 12 years we have been helping businesses just like yours grow on the web. Are you ready to make your online presence shine?

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Is your business veteran owned?

Guess what? So are we! As a thank you for your service, we offer a 20% discount on our monthly site builds.

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