Washington Trollers

Washington Trollers is a non-profit based in Westport, WA aimed at providing information for the local trolling fisherman. This was a rebuild for their existing out of date website.

Project Details:

Scope: Website rebuild to better provide information in a clean format, Website care services

Strategy & Goals: This website was created to clean up an out of date design and give a cleaner, easy to access format for the information stored on the site. Since the organization has a primary goal of supporting the local trolling fisherman, they wanted the site to be easy to use and quick to get what you are looking for.

Most of the content was brought over from the existing site and updated to match the new feel. Newer logo files and better photos added more color and clean looks.

A care plan was added to the project to keep the amount of volunteer manpower low when it came to managing and updating the website. They don’t have to worry about keep the basics of the website running, nor what to do when different board members come and go in regards to training new people how to run the website.