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The Pamphlet

Project Scope

The Pamphlet runs a monthly publication aimed at teaching history and liberty. They needed a professional website to assist them with expanding their reach and save them time.
The Pamphlet Website Preview

Key Features

Ready for expansion: The original site was developed over time by the owners. As the site continued to evolve, the random bolt-on nature started to cause problems. The original hosting also started having problems, causing large amounts of downtime. We solved these problems with a freshly built site hosted on the latest technology.

Needing a store: As the publication has grown, a following has been created. To assist in their mission and spread the word, The Pamphlet was in need of a storefront to sell merchandise and physical copies of the publication. They also wanted to move the subscribers to a platform of their own.

Easy Sharing: The original site was not optimized for search engine performance, nor sharing on social media. During the rebuild, we added a sitemap for easy indexing and enhanced the shareability of the articles by adding social media tags to each post. We also added buttons to promote easy sharing on many forms of media.

Trackable results: Up until now, the owners have been relying on very basic data to inform them on how the site was doing, and who their audience online was. We added privacy-friendly site tracking to help them learn what topics the audience is interested in, and what pages are most important. This allows them to tailor the publication to those who are most interested in it.

A fresh look: Giving the site a fresh look and better usability was very important. Not only for the guests on the site but the owners as well. The new version is very easy to navigate and easy for the owners to continue to publish updates.

Continued care: A site is only as good as the maintenance that takes care of it. With the addition of a care plan, the site will continue to run at its best for a long time, ensuring good results for both the owners and all the site guests.