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South Beach Regional Fire Authority

Project Scope

The newly formed South Beach Regional Fire Authority (SBRFA) approached us for a website that would help them connect with the community.
South Beach RFA Website Preview

Key Features

Easy to use: The organization was looking for a simple solution that would avoid them needing to manage the site. Our minimal designs and a care plan have allowed them to be mostly hands-off but still maintain an up-to-date site. The site also had to be easy to use for any visitors.

Community Information: We built the site to allow for both information and training for the general public. There are sections dedicated to fire safety and the ability for each governing member to be contacted directly.

Documents & Jobs: The site needed to have a place to put the board meeting documents and list open positions for hire. They also needed the ability to show recent information about voting results, taxes, and more quickly from the home screen.