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Olympic Counseling

Project Scope

Dan, the owner of Olympic Counseling needed a new site that would stop showing broken code to his visitors and help his business look better on the web. The new site would need to be hands off in terms of maintenance, while still allowing for easy changes when the need arose over time.
Olympic Counseling

Key Features

Connecting Visitors: One of the key goals of this site rebuild was to help future clients create a connection with the professional who would be counseling them. Trust is a huge factor in deciding who you will visit when looking for a new counselor, and the previous site did not help to create that trust connection. The new site showcases what the office does, and quickly introduces Dan with a photo on the home page helping visitors to feel comfortable with him and his services.

Easily Updated: Dan spent years paying for constant service, only to be let down by a broken website that really showed a bad light on his business. This left doubt in his mind over reoccurring costs, leaving him desiring a site he could update on his own. With that in mind, this site was made to be easily updated without a large amount of technical skill. In addition, I helped Dan get his domain under his control and in a safe space to prevent him from losing it. New hosting was also chosen to meet his goal of a low-maintenance solution.

Trackable Results: Google Analytics can often be overkill for the small business owner who just needs to see if their site is getting traffic and working. With that in mind, a simple analytics solution was installed to keep visitor privacy intact, yet allow him to see how pages perform and ensure the right people are finding his business online.

Mobile-friendly approach: With many of his clients coming from referrals, the site did not need a huge lead funnel to push visitors from point A to point B. But it absolutely needed to be friendly on any device. He could expect that clients would find his information on a variety of devices and the site needed to function well and allow people to connect with his business no matter which size device they were using. This in turn translated to easy-to-use menu options and forms that allowed for easy submissions.