Ocean Spray Beach Resort

The Ocean Spray Beach Resort offers small individual cottages based vacation rentals to visitors in the Grayland, WA area. With 10 different cottages, each uniquely decorated and only a short walk or drive away from the beach, this is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy a slow paced vacation.

Project Details:

Scope: WordPress website, Custom designed theme, Hosting

Strategy & Goals: The owner of the Ocean Spray Beach Resort knew that it was time to upgrade from their website and into to a new website that could help show off everything their resort had to offer. The primary focus of the website was to invite visitors to view the individual cabins and entice them to come and stay.

Keeping the booking simple and working with their existing AirBnB setup was important. The individual cottages are given focus and a link for each one to make reservations. Photos are scattered throughout the site showing off the many nice features that are available for the guests. The fresh look plays off the logo and has a warm and welcoming feeling.