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Lonny Ray Williams

Project Scope

We got approached by Lonny to build a website for his political campaign, that would allow people to learn about his stance and make donations. Since he was announcing the campaign on a short time frame, he needed the site built quickly while also getting help with content and branding.
Lonny Ray Williams Website Preview

Key Features

Clean Design: Running for any political position requires building the trust of the constituents you will be serving. We helped Lonny to achieve this using a clean minimal design and information laid out on the pages in a story style. The design needed to be easy for visitors and help to drive donations.

Easily Updated: During the build, we knew the site would need to be easy to update by those assisting with the campaign. Different sections were built similar to posts, which allow the editors to easily add things like endorsements without jumping through hoops.

Trackable Results: It’s important for the campaign to see how the site is doing, and continue to optimize it. The site also needed to be quickly added to Google, as the campaign was getting a late start. This was achieved through privacy-friendly analytics and a connection to Google Search Console.

Less Hassle: While on the campaign trail, the last thing Lonny need to worry about was a broken website. Using site care services, we handle all the updates and any major changes, relieving stress from both Lonny and his team.