Keep It Local Columbia County

Keep It Local Columbia County is a non-profit aimed at driving and keeping business and money inside the county. The website provides a local business and event directory that is free for the local businesses and community.

Project Details:

Scope: WordPress website, Custom designed theme, Website Care Services

Strategy & Goals: This website has a primary focus of being a user friendly online directory, both for users and businesses. The old site had aged out and reach a point that any updates done would break the entire site. Since the non-profit makes money off of advertising, having a broken website was impacting all aspects of their operations.

We set about creating a fresh design for the entire site. All out of date coding was updated and the data migrated from the old site. During this process we cleaned and added security measures to assist the site in remaining functional in the future. With a new clean interface, the site is easier to use than before and provides the information faster and easier.