Grays Harbor EMS

Grays Harbor EMS provides training and certification courses for local EMS and Fire units. Since the training is handled partly inside the website, the out of date site was causing problems with training.

Project Details:

Scope: A new training website, with access to a calendar of events and all training materials, Website care services

Strategy & Goals: Enough time had passed since the last rebuild of the Grays Harbor EMS website that different features where no longer working as they should. In addition, the old website was not very friendly when it came to mobile applications, making it harder to access critical training materials.

The new website used most of the existing content, but provided it in a newer and easier to access format. The site includes a members only section, where trainees and trainers can login and access course materials. Registration and login on the new site is now protected with better security measures and SSL to keep passwords and related materials safe.

The site also has a care plan, so they staff can continue to focus on their very important mission of keeping the EMS and Fire units current on the latest medical type training. We handle the updates and assist with changes to pages and calendar as needed. The care plan also helps maintain the secure access to the documents and courses.