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Evergreen Candle Co.

Project Scope

Evergreen Candle Co. is our candle and soap business. As one of our first e-commerce sites, it has been through many revisions.
Evergreen Candle Co Website Preview

Key Features

Sales Focused: As this is an e-commerce site, it needed to be centered around easy checkout and product purchases. And with the 2020 market season being a total disaster the site was the primary way of making sales.

Easy to use: Ashley is not a tech person. For her to be able to manage the site, she needed a simple format that gave her access to manage the sales and products.

Mobile friendly: Many shoppers make purchases directly from their phones. To ensure the process was seamless, the site is completely responsive and easy to use on any size device.

Marketing integrated: Customers have many stages they go through before they buy from someone. The site has a connection to a mailing list and options to sign up. This allows potential buyers to keep Evergreen Candle Co. at the forefront of their minds which leads to more sales.