Evergreen Candle Co.

Evergreen Candle Co. is a small family owned business that makes candles, melts and soaps. Their products are sold through local markets & events, as well as through an online store. Based in Washington, they try to show off the Pacific Northwest in their products through fragrance choices and small homemade feel.

Project Details:

Scope: WordPress website, Custom designed theme, WooCommerce, Website Care Services

Strategy & Goals: Attracting new clients, both through the online world and through market sales is a primary goal for this business. The new website was built to provide quick access to the most popular products and drive visitors to the store to make purchases. Testimonials where added to build visitor confidence in the brand.

Shop photos are unique for each product, and staged meticulously. As such we choose to showcase them in a larger format. Once in the cart, products have various shipping options and the entire checkout process was made easy to use. Payments are integrated through a third party to allow for secure transactions.

A newsletter feature was added to allow the visitors to receive new product and sale notices, additionally driving sales to the site.