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Dreaming Big Living Small

Project Scope

As part of a brand refresh, this blog was rebuilt using new colors and style to create a more inviting feel. The goal was to help readers to engage with the content and invite the user to follow the blogger’s journey.
Dreaming Big Living Small

Key Features

Fresh Design: While a site was previously in place, it was extremely rudimentary and lacked an inviting feel. It felt like a site from the early blogging years, with no personality. The site did not have a clear path for visitors to follow and was confusing if the user needed to search for something. Once redesigned with new brand colors, the site invites users in and helps them find the exact topic they are looking for. The use of color lends a feel of farming, which speaks to the visitors of the site looking for homesteading information.

A Planned Journey: Over time, as the blog grew, more types of content were being added, including videos. The previous design did not function well with these added items. When someone landed on the home page, it was unclear after choosing a topic they were going to a video or article, leaving them confused when they expected the opposite of what they got. The new design lays out clear content types and guides users to the one they are looking for.

Trackable Results: For any site to be successful, goals need to be set. One of the goals of this rebuild was to create a better path and user journey for the visitors. To measure those results, analytics have been installed, and milestones set against those goals to know when they are achieved.