Columbia River Nutrition

Columbia River Nutrition provides training to increase your health through eating whole foods. With an online store and learning dashboard, students can begin a new course and work through it in their leisure.

Project Details:

Scope: A website to host courses and sell products that is easy to use, Website care services

Strategy & Goals: After spending months trying to put together all the pieces on her own, Tanya approached us needing help to get website off the ground. After sitting down and discussing the different needs of her business, a plan and tools were chosen to reach her goals.

The website has goals of selling online courses, an ability to add future upcoming products and have a blog to increase traffic and share knowledge. An eBook was also created to encourage signups to an email list for re-marketing purposes.

We were able to build the website in the short time frame, which allowed Tanya to launch her business on time with her planned goals. The online store and courses have been a success and with the provided care services, managing the site in the future is easy.