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Columbia River Nutrition

Project Scope

When Covid-19 hit Columbia River Nutrition needed to move to an online store and learning dashboard. We guided them through the whole process and got a new site set up.
Columbia River Nutrition Website Preview

Key Features

Online Courses: The primary focus of the site was to sell e-learning courses. We help recommend the proper tools and set up the courses for easy management right from the site dashboard.

Occasional sales: From time to time Tanya, the owner, wanted to be able to run sales. To accomplish this task, we set up a WooCommerce back end where she could create coupons and enable course purchases online. This had to integrate seamlessly with the course so purchasers received instant access to the courses.

A space to blog: Tanya enjoys writing informational articles and publishing them online. We built a complete blog section into the website to allow her to write and publish the articles completely on her own.

Secure and safe: The key to a long working website is to have proper updates, backups and security added. We have continued to manage the site through our care plan to ensure it is always safe for those making a purchase and fast to use.