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Blue Skies and Sunshine

Project Scope

Blue skies & sunshine runs a small jewelry boutique online. This website was built at the beginning of 2021 to help them cope with the lack of markets.
Blue Skies & Sunshine Website Preview

Key Features

Fast loading site: With more than 60 products and more being added as time goes by Kathy, the owner, needed a site that loaded fast and showed off her products well. All the sites we build are set up with great hosting to give fast load times.

A place of her own: Kathy did not want to rely on only other sites to sell her product. She wanted a place of her own. One that she could have designed to look exactly how she wanted it.

Easy to manage: Being new to e-commerce on her own, she wanted a site that would be easy to manage and use. With our streamlined dashboard, it is easy for her to log in and manage products and orders.

A space to share: Kathy also wanted to be able to write about the products she sells. We added a blog feature to give her a creative space to expand on the products and teach others about her offerings.

Branding: Part of moving Kathy online was to create a brand style, including logo & colors.