South Beach Auto Repair

South Beach Auto Repair is a car repair shop based in Westport, WA. They offer complete car care, with very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They also offer local towing and beach rescue services.

Project Details:

Scope: WordPress website, Custom designed theme, Hosting

Strategy & Goals: This site was designed as a way to grow brand awareness and provide more information to area residents about the available car repair services. Pulling in certain brand features and colors, the new site has a front page slide show introducing visitors to their services and welcoming them.

Later a blog section was added to post video and text articles on certain repair services and answers to the most common vehicle repair questions. The goal of this section was two fold. First, it helps to save on extra calls about the same topic and streamline those calls still received. Second, it builds more site content and allows for more authority in their field.