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Does your business know it’s market?

Social Media MarketingMost small businesses are ran by owner operators, the marketing is often easy to overlook. As the owner of a small business, the number one thing you are looking for is a way to help your business to grow. That is were marketing comes in. Marketing itself is not advertising. It is the entirety of your business interaction with all your customers. It is how you get new customers, and the way you keep them.

Our job, as a web development marketer, is to assist your business with all the online marketing. From complete websites that are ready to engage your customers, to social media. We take the reins and guide you down the right path. It is impossible to keep all the social media sites updated and run your business by yourself. Like your taxes, marketing is something best suited to hiring a specialist. Let Pacific Northwest Web Works be your marketing specialist.

Working with you, we can build a complete strategy to guide all your marketing efforts. With a precise plan, your marketing effort will be directed laser tight to its target. Marketing that most small business owners do is ‘toss it out there and hope it sticks’. We can help you identify your ideal customer and determine ways to reach them. Once reached, proper marketing will help guide that customer to the end goal of a sale.

Let work on your social media presence

Once we get your marketing effort going, it is important to keep up on it. It is easy to let it slide and any hard work will be undone fast. Our service plans include regular updates to your website and even social media. We can build graphics, and put together copy so that you have regular posts on your social networks. Let’s work together to keep you connected with your customers on a consistent basis.

How is your brand?

Building a brandIs your brand very defined? Knowing your brand is critical to everything that your business is. Your brand is a direct extension of you, and your products should be a direct reflection of that brand. If your branding is off, or something is out of place, everything will be harder. Customers won’t connect with you because they will not understand your brand.

We want to help you design and build your brand. Your brand should be unified throughout all your customer interactions. We can design logos, banners, and product labeling. Your website design will match up with the brand design. Things like colors and the layout of all your materials should have a similar feel.

From lettering to logos, we do it all. Pacific Northwest Web Works can design your logo the way you want it. Banners, business cards, vehicle & sign lettering is also made to support any marketing. While our name says ‘Web Works’, we do so much more in the way of marketing and branding. Give us a call and see what we can do for your small business.

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