Website Optimization

Five important website forms

5 crucial forms you might want on your website

Every website needs a way for customers to connect with the business. Yet many websites either fail to use forms leaving themselves unprotected or overuse forms by asking for way too much information. This article will help you choose the right forms for your needs and collect the right amount of information on them.

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Lost in the website void

Are you losing customers to the void?

Visitors to your website do not always take the path you want them to. And if something has changed since they bookmarked an old page, they could end up on a 404 page. With a little effort, you can customize these hidden sections of your site to create a better user experience. In this article, I discuss some benefits of customizing them.

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Creating a FAQ page

How to make your FAQ page shine

When was the last time you landed on a FAQ page? Did you find the answer? A shocking majority of these pages are downright confusing or non-existent, hurting sales. In this article, I teach you how to make a great FAQ page and save yourself time in the sales process.

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Ways to know your website is outdated

Six ways to know if your website is outdated

An outdated website is never a good look for any business. For a small business, having a functional website can be the difference between life and death. In this article, I teach you six ways to know if your website is outdated and tips on how to fix it.

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