Server Infrastructure

Server Infrastructure

Last Updated November 2018

This post will take a look at the infrastructure we have built up to secure and serve your website data. It’s important for you to know the most about our hosting services, and what we can offer you.

The infrastructure basics

Our servers operate in 2 locations. The primary servers are located in Chicago, IL with secondary hosting servers in San Fransisco, CA. Each server site is set up with its own independent backups that happen daily. The servers and network hardware are set up with a backup power source. Redundant hardware is also on hand for quick repairs.

Our primary server array consists of Intel processors, many GB’s of ram and all solid state hard drives. The servers are running on a flavor of Linux, using the latest stable version available. The primary server runs a CPanel control panel. This allows for easy integration of new settings and sites on the servers. The secondary servers run ISPConfig for managing the secondary array and site on-boarding.

With our small set of servers, we configure and adjust each to be the most optimized for all websites that we host. Our servers get regular updates so they can function the best that is possible. This allows for good protection of all the sites we host. This type of optimization is not something you will get from any of the big guys on shared hosting.

Backup, always

We understand the importance of having secure backups. As such, we have worked out a multi-tiered backup approach. The primary servers backup at least once per day, at a regular interval. Those backups are then stored for at least 48 hours.

We can assist with setting up an internal backup job that will store your specific site data for a longer period of time as requested. Please keep in mind this will take file storage space on your account and is not available for all sites. We also keep a copy of sites that we actively manage on a local backup taken at regular intervals.

The secondary servers have their data stored for up to 30 days on a rotating interval. Backups are stored securely and available at a moments notice for restores.

Our backups contain copies of the hosted sites and databases as well as critical server data needed to restore any server. This allows us to provide repairs to damaged websites if should they fall under attack or the servers themselves quickly. This service comes with your hosting plan at no charge.

Quick response time

With a small server infrastructure, we can fix most problems in a very short time. Spare hardware is available to repair failed parts. Each server has monitoring to allow for a quick response and repairs. Servers have remote access and remote staff, in case of failure during an after-hours period.

High Up Times & Green Power Usage

The primary servers have an up-time rating of 99.9 % per year. They also operate in a facility that uses renewable energy. Our servers have dedicated IP Addresses that are monitored to remain blacklist free.

The secondary servers have an up-time rating average of 99% per year. Some of the energy consumed by this data center uses renewable energy, with plans to add more. Their IP addresses are also monitored to remain blacklist free.

Personal service

Now you know a little more about how our servers operate. While we don’t have some gigantic server farm, we do have a small well-oiled machine. Our servers will provide you the best hosting service that we can possibly offer. We look forward to providing you with excellent service. Should there be any problems with our hosting, a quick phone call or email is all you need to start getting your problem resolved.

If you wish to learn more or want to make the switch to us, please contact us here.