Power of Reflection

The power of reflection as the new year rolls in

Christmas is now over, and the new year is fast approaching. As you being to make plans for the new year, do not forget to look back as well. The ability to reflect will help you to avoid the same pitfalls again.

Power of Reflection

“I don’t need to know where I’m goin’, I just need to know where I’ve been.” – Tow Mater, Cars

As the new year dawns, everyone makes these half-baked goals. And many don’t follow through. But it does not have to be that way. You can complete the goals you set. But not without reflection.

You see, by reflecting on the previous year(s) you will gain a better understanding of how things went. Find out what went wrong, and plan a better path for the new year. You may not know where you are going to end up. But you do know how it went last year.

Set some goals

I have mentioned the fact of setting goals many times. Without a clearly defined goal of what you want to do, you will only be spinning your wheels. No forward progress will get made.

But remember to plan some flexibility in your goals. Do not make them so rigid that you have no room to make changes or update them. That is how most people fail. They end up setting this lofty goal and leave themselves no room for error.

When an error does happen (and it will) they have no way out. That feeling of loss makes them give up. And then it spirals downhill. If you leave yourself an out then you can skip a week, or take a short break.

Remember Happiness

The best-planned goals will add happiness to the plan. Stressing over the little things, or missing a step will only push you to fail faster. Remember to add into the goals a little bit of fun and excitement. This will keep you going in the hard times, and make the easy times better.

The new year is almost here. Take this time to reflect and prepare your life and small business for the year ahead. Make this next year a memorable one.


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