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Awesome Marketing Books

5 awesome marketing books you need to read

Over the many years, we have been in business, I have read a lot of books. Books about business, books about advertising, and books about marketing. No matter how many books you read, some will stand out at you. Some books have this way to reach out and connect with you. You will get these great ideas to run with. So here are our top 5 marketing books that we have read recently. Time to give you ideas.

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Serving The World

Is your business truly unique? Uniqueness Myths

You hear it all the time. Each business calls themselves unique. But how many of them actually are? And for that matter, is yours actually all that unique? Let’s discuss some myths about being unique, and why these ideas are not unique. Serving The World You might think that trying to make your product be for everyone will help you gain market share. Or that it somehow will create a different light over your product. Uniqueness cannot come from serving the masses. It only comes from serving the narrow niche.

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Mobile Browsing

Is your website ready for the mobile world?

We have all been here before. You grab your phone and google a topic. Click on a site, hoping to find the answer, instead you cannot find it. Google listed the relevant content in the description, but the page is a mess. You can’t click on things and parts are overlapping. Before long you are pressing the back button, that site’s chance is over. It can be very frustrating trying to browse a site that is not built for mobile. And the site suffers for it. Mobile readiness is not a fad The world has become more mobile. People are

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Open For Business

9 Myths Uncovered About Marketing

Everyone has something they know about marketing. But some of the things that you may ‘know’ about marketing couldn’t be more wrong. Let’s uncover some of these myths and get you on the right track. 1)  A website is all I need A website alone will not get you new business. There are millions of sites out there. It is not enough anymore to only build a website. Each website must have proper targeting. This is where those million dollar words come in. Words like ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and ‘Mobile Readiness’ comes in. And as important if not more important

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Growing Your Business Blog

7 tips for growing your business blog

Growing a blog. There are hundreds of ideas out there on how to grow your blog. This post is only 7 of our favorite ways to grow your blog, engage customers, and expand your business. Let’s get to it. 1) Get a handle on S.E.O. Most blogs will not see direct growth from S.E.O. (search engine optimization) right away. But without good S.E.O. you will have no chance of growing in the future. By starting with S.E.O. first, each article you write will find a home. Also by starting with S.E.O. first, the topic is more likely to show to

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