Planning to keep busy in the new year

5 of the best ways to keep busy after the holidays

The holidays are in full swing, and Christmas is around the corner. There is so much to do. It can be hard to keep on top of it all. But all too soon the hype will end. The holiday will be over. Then what? The coming months will set the tone for the entire next year. And while the pace today is nothing short of chaotic, it could slow down rather fast. If you want things to run smooth, now is the time to plan for the coming months. These 5 ideas will help you to plan.

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The magic of thank you

The magic of Thank You in a world of selfishness

The world is full of businesses that seem to have a total disregard for their customers. After the money changes hands, the salesperson seems to disappear. The customer support becomes non-existent. Think of the sea of menus and prompts to wade through when calling a large company for help with a product. As a business owner, you have the power to change the way you treat your customers. You can also change how they perceive the face of your business. With a few simple ‘magic’ tricks in your pocket, you can dazzle your customers. And in doing so you can

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Key things that influence design success

5 Key factors that will make your new site design successful

Every single website is unique. They each have their own purpose and goals. But there are some common things that will drive the design, and how it functions. If you want your site to be successful, then these key things should come first in the design process. Any good developer will sit down and try to learn everything they can about the goals you have for your website. They will also try to learn about your clients. You can make the design process go much smoother by thinking about these key things in advance.

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Overcome The Competition

Overcome your website competition with these excellent tips

With so many websites out there and your competition at the door, your website must stand out. But how exactly do you do that? Everyone makes it sound so easy. Build it and they will come, as the iconic line from the movie ‘Field of Dreams’ says. It is more like build it, work it, work it some more, and they will trickle in. Yet there are some key things you can do to get your site moving from a trickle to a full-on downpour of traffic. And most of them are not even that hard. Are you ready to

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Holiday Shopping Frenzy

Secrets to using the holiday frenzy in your small business

When you are a small business going into the holiday season, it can be a little scary. Every year you hear about stores staying open 24 hours on Thanksgiving to Black Friday. And then you hear about the mile-long return lines the day after Christmas. It all sounds like such a nightmare. So how do you keep your small business on track and out of the mess of the holidays? Here are some great secrets to try out this year and stand out from the big guys.

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