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A look inside our fluff free care plans

When it comes to keeping your website online and happy there is only about a billion (or two) choices for a provider. And to be honest we all offer about the same thing. Updates to your site and monitoring to keep it online. So, in the end you are left with an impossible choice. You see while most all care plan providers are offering to do the updates and all, there is more to care than just updates. Just like every other service, trust is HUGE. Do you want to know, like and trust the chosen provider, or just pick

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Things to consider before having a site built

5 things you need to consider before having a website built

Having a website built for your business is a huge jump. It puts your business in a whole new league. But before you take that leap there are some things that you really need to consider and prepare for. One of the biggest things that can hold up your new web project is actually you. Having the content ready to go, or a plan in place for how to get the content ready is important. But what else do you need to know? Let’s find out.

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Getting Reviews From Clients

Why getting reviews from your clients is so important

Reviews and testimonials are often overlooked by many businesses. A quick search on Google for cleaners can show me 10 different listings. Many of these listings don’t have any reviews. But a few do. Who do you think I am going to do business with first? The unknowns who have no reviews, or the 5-star cleaners with reviews that say things like: “They saved my priceless sweater”. Most people are going to choose the 5-star cleaners. They have proof they do a good job.

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Facebook Page Vs Website

What website? A Facebook page is all I need

When you start a small business, often you try to cut some corners. One of those corners that we see is often the website. A common response I hear is: Why do I need a website, I already have a Facebook page. And for some businesses that may work well. But there are some limitations to having only a Facebook page. Let’s dig into those limitations and help you to better weigh your needs of a website. From budget to control, look at the reasons behind why every business needs a website.

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Offline Marketing-Meet People

6 nifty ideas to revive the lost art of offline marketing

The world is fast moving towards digital everything. From websites to Facebook it is easier to connect with clients in the digital world than ever before. But there is a problem with a world of digital only. In a world of digital only, there is nothing personal. When I send you an email, it does not have the same feeling of a direct connection. The world of offline marketing and handshakes is fading. Yet some of the best clients we have ever got came from a physical connection.

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