Why you should be blogging

When it comes to growing your website online, there is something that most S.E.O. professionals will agree on: Content is King. And some of the best content is blogging. So, what does that mean to you and how can you leverage it in your business? Can blogging help more than just the search engines? In this article, we give you the answer.

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Creating A Nuturing Campaign

Why You Need to Create an Effective Nurturing Campaign

Many businesses think of a website one of two ways. Either they look at their website as a brochure which sits around all day or as a sales cart that people land on to instantly buy. The truth is a website should be both and more. So how can you make your website start doing more? Enter the nurturing campaign.

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Secrets to growing your business through blogging

As a small business owner, there is a lot to think about. Running your website is often the farthest thing from your mind. Most owners would rather set it and forget it. There is this thought that a website will do all this magical work of getting new clients on its own. And that may have worked in the past. The search engines of today are very focused on user experience. They want to produce the best possible results. To that end, they prefer to go with fresh websites. That is sites that produce new content for them to consume.

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