The magic of thank you

The magic of Thank You in a world of selfishness

The world is full of businesses that seem to have a total disregard for their customers. After the money changes hands, the salesperson seems to disappear. The customer support becomes non-existent. Think of the sea of menus and prompts to wade through when calling a large company for help with a product. As a business owner, you have the power to change the way you treat your customers. You can also change how they perceive the face of your business. With a few simple ‘magic’ tricks in your pocket, you can dazzle your customers. And in doing so you can

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Holiday Shopping Frenzy

Secrets to using the holiday frenzy in your small business

When you are a small business going into the holiday season, it can be a little scary. Every year you hear about stores staying open 24 hours on Thanksgiving to Black Friday. And then you hear about the mile-long return lines the day after Christmas. It all sounds like such a nightmare. So how do you keep your small business on track and out of the mess of the holidays? Here are some great secrets to try out this year and stand out from the big guys.

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Web Hosting Providers

What you need to know about choosing a web hosting company

When it comes to choosing a website hosting company there is a lot of factors. It can also be the cheapest or most expensive choice you make. But not only when it comes to money. Load time and other factors will affect the performance of your website. There are many options to consider when choosing a host. Let’s dig into the key major points that you should consider before and after you make your choice.

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Time Management

Free your day with these simple time management tips

There is one thing that almost every small business owner has in common. No matter what the field, business structure or otherwise. That common item is time. Or rather the lack thereof. Most small business owners will admit that there is never enough time in the day. With so many projects all wanting attention, there are better ways to manage time. Interruptions to your workflow will cost you huge amounts of time. They will also leave you feeling unaccomplished or worse overwhelmed. Check out these simple tips to manage your daily schedule and feel more relaxed.

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