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Business Email Providers

Choosing the right email solution for your small business

When it comes to business email, there are right ways and wrong ways to approach it. While it might seem easy enough to jump all in with a free service, it is often better to pay and get the benefits that come with a paid service. In this article, I explain the different options and give you my recommendations for business email hosting.

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Making a website recovery plan

How to make a website recovery plan before disaster strikes

Contrary to popular belief, your website is never set and forget it. There will always be things to take care of. And if you don’t keep up on the little things, then when disaster strikes your site could end up down, or worse, spread malware on the web. Don’t let your site end up there, instead make a website recovery plan today.

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Making your business stand out

Making your small business stand out from the crowd

Are you tired of feeling like your business is one of a million? Would you rather feel like your business is one in a million? It’s important to make your business stand out and be unique. When you do, you will see more success and create a tribe around you. This article gives you some tips on how to stand out.

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Ways to know your website is outdated

Six ways to know if your website is outdated

An outdated website is never a good look for any business. For a small business, having a functional website can be the difference between life and death. In this article, I teach you six ways to know if your website is outdated and tips on how to fix it.

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