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Elements of brand value

Four key elements to your brand value

Every brand has a value. And there are four things you can change to increase your brand value to your customers and help to get more business in the future. In this article, I share those four key elements and give you some ideas to implement them.

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Serving The World

Is your business truly unique? Uniqueness Myths

You hear it all the time. Each business calls themselves unique. But how many of them actually are? And for that matter, is yours actually all that unique? Let’s discuss some myths about being unique, and why these ideas are not unique. Serving The World You might think that trying to make your product be for everyone will help you gain market share. Or that it somehow will create a different light over your product. Uniqueness cannot come from serving the masses. It only comes from serving the narrow niche.

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Are you selling time?

The business of time. What business are you actually in?

Most small businesses do not know what they actually sell. They may think it is selling a repair service or a fancy necklace. But they would be wrong. The end result is not the real service or product. The business is something else completely. Let me tell you a story to explain what I mean. A few months back we had quite the wind storm that ripped through the area. As the winds grew in strength, some of our roof tiles began to blow off. We managed to weather the storm but took significant damage to the roof. We needed

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Customer Personas

How well do you know your customers? – Defining a Persona

Your customers are everything to your business. For many businesses word of mouth is very important. Reviews of your business are also important. They both need to be good. But it can be hard to achieve good reviews and referrals when your ideal customer is not well defined. Targeting the wrong customer makes them very hard to please. A persona will do exactly that.

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