The basics of a Facebook business page

So you have your new shinny Facebook page, fresh off the press. Now, what do you do with it? Once the Facebook wizard is complete, more setup is still needed on the page. This includes the basics of business information and cover photos. Also, the call to action section should also be setup.

Let’s get started and make your page stand out from the crowd.

  • Make an outstanding cover photo

    • Facebook cover photos are currently sized at 828px x 315px. For best results, you should use a resolution of 96 pixels per inch. A cover photo should stand out. Choose a photo that identifies your business and will engage your customers. One of the businesses that we work with uses this space to give a short message about products they have.
  • Don’t forget your profile photo

    • The profile photo on Facebook needs to be of good quality and related to your business. A lot of businesses that we work with use a company logo. Your profile photo will show in both the header area and as the small profile icon next to your posts. Make it look the best that you possibly can.
  • Get your vanity URL

    • A vanity URL is a simplified version of the Facebook page URL. Choose something that is relevant to your business and your page. Not every URL will be available so think it out. A vanity URL is easier for your customers to remember than a long string assigned by Facebook. The vanity URL is not changeable as far as we know, so make it count.
  • Spend some time on the page detailsBuilding Your Facebook Page

    • Go into each section of the page and add as much information as possible. This will be the information that Facebook users might read over before they like your page. It will help them decide what your page is about. From time to time you should check this information and ensure it is always current.
  • Add a call to action button

    • By adding a call to action button, it will be easier for users to get in touch with you. The button has many different options ranging from getting in contact to shopping. There is even a video option. Hubspot has an excellent walk-through on how to add a call to action button.
  • Post excellent content

    • Always work towards connection with your target market. You want to post content that will be relevant and help create engagement with your market. Photos and video provide a perfect way to connect with people and help to create engagement. In fact, photos account for more than 80% of all interactions on Facebook. Don’t miss out on this traffic.

These are a few of the many things that you can do to build you page and start creating engagement today. As always, keep adding content. If you are not going to keep up on your new Facebook page, it is better to not have it at all. Imagine your Facebook page like a phone number to your business. If you are never going to answer that phone, it’s better to get rid of it so people don’t think you never answer and move on.

Creating a Facebook page is only the first step. This post will go over some of the deeper steps to getting your page setup and engaging with your target market.
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