7 blog post ideas for your small artisan business

7 blog post ideas for your small artisan business

When you first start selling on your website, one of the hardest things to get is traffic to it. Blogging is often overlooked in favor of paid ads. But blogging can generate traffic for relatively little cost at all. So, what should you blog about?

Blogging is a perfect way to build trust or teach about your business, products, and process. Here are my top 7 ideas for blog articles to help you gain traffic from search engines and build trust which leads to more sales.

Topic Idea #1 – What makes you different?

When people find you through a search engine, very quickly they are going to want to know what makes you different from every other company and product out there. If you can write an article on your unique style or the key ingredient that makes your product special, it will help them understand you better. With better understanding comes stronger trust.

Topic Idea #2 – The Process

People often wonder what all goes into making a product. We are all naturally curious. If you can write an article on your process of making the product then you can satisfy, they wonder for your potential customers. Walk them through the process from A to Z.

You might be worried that people will steal your process and no longer purchase from you, but that won’t be the case. If someone is capable and desirous to make it on their own, they likely would not purchase from you in the first place. And those that do are poor customers. However, when you share what you do, you give that gift of knowledge that makes others want to buy. Especially if your process uses special tools or materials, they would have never known about in the first place.

Topic Idea #3 – How To’s

Similar to the process, how-to articles aim to teach. People want to know they are choosing the best product for their situation. One of the ways you can do that is to put together a how-to article. This does not need to be about how to make your product though.

Can your product be used in a unique way that most people are not doing? A simple how-to article that goes over the benefit and steps on how to use the product in that unique way could attract a strong customer base of loyal followers. And the loyal followers will be the best ones to share your product or service.

Topic Idea #4 – Product Tips & Tricks

Also, like the how-to articles, you can write a blog article that showcases different tips to enhance the use of your offering. For example, with our candle business, we have some tips and tricks that we have written up to teach people how to easily remove the wax from their warmer.

Your unique process
A glimpse into your process

Little things that you may know and take for granted could be a huge pain to your customer. Don’t take the huge amount of knowledge you have gained for granted. It is always easy to end up so close to your work that you forget that everyone does not know the same things you do.

Topic Idea #5 – In the news

While not the best way to gain ranking, this type of article is great for timely events. Do you have a market or special coming up? You can write a blog article about it. This content can then be repurposed in a newsletter or other communications.

If you have developed a following and newsletter list, you can even throw a special limited-time offer in your article. This can encourage people to not only land on your site to read your article but to turn those visits into sales. If you do use a coupon, make sure to set up tracking so you know how they arrived and where they went.

Topic Idea #6 – FAQ

As your business grows, you will inevitably end up with many of the same types of questions. Compile these questions into a list and then write some on each question. You not only will be sharing your knowledge, but you will also be saving valuable time. Each time someone asks the same question again, you can refer them to your blog article.

Topic Idea #7 – Most popular

Following along the same lines as building trust is being popular. People love to have a tribe. You can compile a list of your most popular products. The allows potential customers to see what others like the best, eliminating the extra thoughts of what should I buy. It also satisfies the need to be in a tribe since they know so many others like this product.

You can take it a step further by encouraging people to post about their experience on social media and tag you with a special tag for each product. This can allow that tribe to connect and build stronger bonds. It can also encourage more sales of your popular items as people find these shares from friends and family.


Got your creative juices flowing? One of the best ways to grow your business online is through content creation. Google and other search engines love new content. And if you put real thought into what you write, you can easily pull out in front of your competitors. So, get writing.

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