Who are we?

We are a small family owned business, probably just like yours. Alex and Ashley are a husband and wife team, providing web development and graphics design services. We have 2 children and one child on the way.

Pacific Northwest Web Works has been around since 2009 in one form or another. Owners, Alex & Ashley, have been doing website work for many years as an extension of their computer repair business. After moving to Westport, WA in 2012, Alex worked on expanding their server setup and acquiring more hosting customers. Ashley has worked on branching out into site & product photography as well as graphics design.

Recently the web services have grown enough to warrant becoming its own entity so that growth can be focused and expand to more areas. The demand for better, faster and more responsive websites has increased over the years and the skills that our family at Pacific Northwest Web Works have developed can help other small businesses grow by creating a new face for their website.

Our goal is to provide excellent web design services to businesses in and around the cities of Grays Harbor and Pacific counties and while we do have clients all over the place we focus primarily on our clients in Grays Harbor and Pacific counties.

Meet The Team


Alex – Master Designer, Server Tech & Owner

Alex does most all the heavy design work for putting new sites together. He also builds and maintains all the servers that our hosting runs off of. After years in the military doing various computer work and website work, Alex opened his businesses in 2009.


Ashley – Graphics Design, Photography & Owner

Ashley fell in love with graphics design and will gladly pull out her favorite graphics software anytime to doodle and make little graphic art. After moving to Westport, she got herself a DSLR camera for doing photography. Ashley assists with the design work and any graphics that need to be built for a site.


Lukas – Sales Department

After being around the business his whole life, Luke has become quite the salesman. He will gladly talk to you about what you need and give suggestions, in his own way of course. Just watch out, he will talk your ears off.


Kaylee – Office Staff

Kaylee spends her day walking around the office keeping everyone on their toes. She likes to come in and check up on everyone and ensure that if they were doing their job that they stop and take a mandatory break.

Ashley's Pregnant

Skyler – Our newest family member

Skyler was born the end of April, a healthy baby boy. Everyone thinks I am just the cutest thing.