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Alex - Owner & Developer

Hi, I'm Alex

I have spent most of my adult life in the tech sector. I worked for years doing IT work, including running my small computer repair shop. My life was focused on helping others with their technology problems and making technology easier for them.

And then I married Ashley. While I had creative talents with technology, Ashley has always been a crafter. Soon after getting married, we started taking her crafts to vendor markets. It was a lot of fun for both of us.

But like many small business owners discover rather quickly, a storefront or market alone doesn’t grow a successful business anymore. Soon I was learning about email marketing, branding, and how to build an online store to expand our reach. I made some websites in the past, but e-commerce is much more than the run-of-the-mill website.

Focusing down the craft business into a candle and soap business, we gained sales online. I also found that I enjoyed the process of building strategic service and e-commerce sites. Soon I moved away from repairing computers and into web design full-time. And so Pacific Northwest Web Works was born.

Over time we have built websites for all kinds of businesses. But our passion has always been with handmade creatives, service shops down the road, and mom & pop businesses. We love helping small businesses that are just like ours. And since we learned so much about growing the candle business, I got a good feel for the marketing that goes into making a business successful online.

Together Ashley and I design and create the websites. Ashley is not very techy, so I rely on her to help simplify the websites I build. This simplification makes it easy for our clients to manage the basics of their websites. And they don’t deal with all the DIY that causes so much stress for other non-tech business owners. Your time is more valuable than sitting behind a screen, hoping what you build works and looks professional.

TLDR: The Long Story Short

Ashley - Wife & Crafter

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