About Pacific Northwest Web Works

Alex - Owner & Developer

Hi, I'm Alex

Are you tired of worrying about your marketing efforts? I totally get it. You see, back in 2009 I opened a small computer repair shop. And it was a struggle to figure out how to get new clients, what needed to be on my website and so much more. Apparently being tech savvy was just not enough.

Eventually, with a lot of time spent learning, I was able to figure it out and our computer shop became profitable. But by the time that happened, I was burnt out. I no longer wanted to do computers.  I had been dabbling in websites and had found a new love in them.

So I shifted gears. I now had all this great knowledge of marketing and web design that I could put to use to help other small businesses. I felt my skills could help so many others stop worrying about their marketing and save them from the same burnout that I felt.

So here we are, many years later. I still love helping small businesses and creating their websites that help them grow and reach their goals.

So I’ll ask you again. Are you tired of worrying about your marketing efforts?

And I'm Ashley

I was never a ‘tech’ person growing up and I am still not. I have always had a passion for the creative. When I married Alex, he taught me how to do basic graphic design and I loved it.

Over time I have expanded those skills and found a love for helping Alex create the social media graphics and marketing materials for his business. Since we opened Pacific Northwest Web Works, it felt like a nature extension to start using those skills to help others.

In addition to wrangling our 3 children and homeschooling, I help design some of the graphics used for social media and website builds. I also give Alex feedback on the various designs as he creates them. Together we proof content and get your business looking great on the web.

Ashley - Wife & Designer

Let's talk about your project

It is time to get the online presence your business needs to take it to the next level. It starts with a website that works for you and is not just another expense line. Then we throw in some strategy for new content, so you have a written path to get to your goals. Not enough time or knowledge is no longer an excuse. So, what’s holding you back from growing your online presence?