We are your website's home in the Pacific Northwest
With locally hosted servers, running the latest solid state hardware, we are ready to host your website.
We have the skills to get your website on the map.
From search engine optimization to responsive design, both on and off page we know how to get your website found.
We can clean up your site after the storm
Once your website gets hacked, we know its stressful. We can get your site back up again fast while securing it for your protection.
We bring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest to your website
Using the latest code techniques we can build you a website that showcases your offerings while looking excellent.

Pacific Northwest Web Works is your one stop shop for all your website needs.

Responsive Web DesignFrom web design to web hosting, we do it all. Alex & Ashley have been building and hosting websites for years.  We know the ins and outs of building good, clean websites that work well on many devices, large or small.  From WordPress to basic PHP & HTML, we can design and build a site that will make you proud. We both like working exclusively with small businesses, giving them the one on one attention that they deserve. We are a small business, and understand the value of your time. Your new website will showcase your business and its products based on your design requests. And our photography services are available to enhance your site further.

Anyone can put together a website. We know how to take a website to the next level, while freeing up your time for the more important matters. We work with all kinds of small businesses and non-profits in Oregon & Washington, although our primary service area is Grays Harbor & Pacific counties, including Westport, Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Ocean Shores and Raymond.

Ready to learn more? Visit our web design page.

Has your website been hacked?

Having a background in cleaning up hacked computers, we have expanded that knowledge into providing security breach mitigation of hacked websites. Using advanced tools, and combing through the code on every page, including inside databases, ensures you come back with a clean website. We will then add any necessary security along the way to help ensure it does not happen again. Let us help you bring your website back to life before it’s too late.

Need to get your website fixed? View our security offerings.

We provide web hostingWhere does your website live?

Where your website lives on the internet is important to consider. Did you know your website rankings can be hurt by the server on which it is hosted? Having your website living in a bad ‘neighborhood’ can cause your search results to go down and page load times to go up. Shared servers in large server farms are not always monitored closely and could be dragging your website down.

Pacific Northwest Web Works offer premium level hosting with servers using the latest technology including solid state drives. With redundant servers and multiple Geo-located name servers our service has a high up-time even in the worst circumstances. With servers optimized for the websites of small businesses, your website will be fast and reliable.

Let us get you on the best possible server. Visit our web hosting page to learn more.

Who Are We?

Pacific Northwest Web Works is located in Westport, WA serving Grays Harbor & Pacific counties including Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Ocean Shores & Raymond. We have been in business serving the Grays Harbor & Pacific area for over 4 years, and in business in general for over 7 years. To learn more about us, visit our about us page.